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A flourishing and safe future

for our children 

Pour Demain is a non-profit think tank, developing proposals on neglected issues. We are committed to evidence-based policies, developing scientifically sound recommendations and facilitating the exchange between science, politics and civil society.



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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The rapid advancement of AI presents various opportunities, but also significant risks.

Deepfakes and the proliferation of misinformation could severely erode public trust and disrupt democratic processes. Additionally, failures in AI systems deployed in critical infrastructure, such as energy grids, could have serious consequences.

AI safety, therefore, must be a key priority. Smart oversight and standards are crucial to harnessing the opportunities while also managing the risks of AI.


The emergence of the next pandemic is inevitable, and simply a question of timing and circumstance.

Pandemics have in the recent past caused more human and economic loss than all other natural catastrophes combined. COVID-19, for example, caused 20 million excess deaths and cost $14 trillion worldwide.


The good news is that epidemics and pandemics can be prevented or overcome with fewer losses.

To address epidemics and pandemics, societies need versatile and complementary tools. Investment in pandemic preparedness is worthwhile because it reduces high social and economic losses; not just during pandemics, but also for seasonal disease outbreaks.​


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